There will be a licensed bar where everything will be sensibly priced and we will endeavour to serve drinks at optimum temperatures.

  • Beer - We will be serving real ale straight from the cask and charge only £3.00 per pint (for 11 years, since we started in 2011, we only charged £2.50 per pint!)
    Why not buy one of our 4 pint jugs at £10?

  • Lager - A cold bottled premium lager from the fridge.

  • Wines - Quality room temperature Red and chilled Whites will be available at £3.00 per glass or £10 a bottle.

  • Shorts and mixers.

  • Soft Drinks - Coke, lemonade, orange juice.

The bar may be closed during the performance.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Scott at the Manor Arms in Broughton-in-Furness, (probably one of the best pubs in the area), for his help with quality local beer supplies for the bar.