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The name "Ulpha" is believed to have originated with the meaning of 'hill frequented by wolves'. The name was derived from the old Norse words ulfr meaning wolves and haugr meaning hill.


Music in Ulpha was originally conceived to address requirements necessary to secure grants to refurbish the Browfoot Room in 2010, (Ulpha's village hall for the past one hundred years!)

In 2011, after responding to an appeal from Phil Beer's website asking for smaller venues, especially northern ones, we were delighted he accepted an offer to play at the hall in May 2012. This left a gap of nearly a year and promoted interest from other agents and artists, so consequently we had our opening event in November 2011 with Flossie Malavialle.
This then developed into regular concerts at two monthly intervals.

Music in Ulpha is a "not for profit" venture.
Initially, proceeds were used for setup costs and now provide for ongoing equipment and consumables.
Ooccasionally we will subsidise (what would be a more expensive ticket cost), to showcase a more highly recognised, international artist or a group of several members.


Originally a dock shed, it was shipped and finally brought by horse and cart to its current position at the foot of the "Travellers Rest" hill. It was in drastic need of a makeover and in 2010 underwent a complete refurbishment which even involved building inside toilet facilities!

It was immediately recognised as a great local resource and it was hoped that in this form it would be used a lot more by the local community and people visiting the area, and this is what has happened.

Browfoot Room


We hope that the concerts will continue to provide the community and surrounding areas with an opportunity to get together at regular intervals in a much more up close and intimate way than the large concert scenario.