Transport to and from Broughton

Why not take an evening off from driving?

Using the Kepplewray Community Transport Bus, we are lucky to have a number of drivers who are willing to drive a minibus over to the Browfoot Room from Broughton. A huge thankyou to them.

There will be a minibus leaving Broughton Square, near the Square Cafe, at 7.15/7.30pm and returning at the end of the evening around 10.40pm from Ulpha.

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We would appreciate a donation in the region of £4 for the return journey and a ticket can be purchased from the Broughton Information Centre along with your concert ticket.
I'm sure you'll agree, this is very good value!

  • Raffle Opportunity
  • We would like to rotate the raffle at each music evening to allow the proceeds to go towards a range of causes.

    Have you got a charity/society that you would like to raise funds for? If so, please contact us and we may be able to let you run the raffle.

    So far we have raised money for; The local WI Group, Prostate Cancer, The Alms Houses, Ulpha, The Browfoot Room, First Responders, Seathwaite Firework Display local Beaver Group, and some Individuals. More...

  • Bus from Broughton
  • A minibus leaves Broughton Square, near the Cafe, at 7.15pm and returns at the end of the evening leaving Ulpha around 10.40pm.

    It is suggested that a donation of £4 would cover the return fair. More...