18th May 2024

A welcome return to one of the most popular bands to play in the area. Original, innovative and exciting, their combination of gutsy slide guitar, rock-solid bass, infectious grooves and highly distinctive vocals, creates a sound that is uniquely their own. They take you on a journey, from southern juke-joints and lazy front porches to the huge open spaces of dust bowls and railroad tracks disappearing into the distance.

BEN TYZAK - Born in London but raised in the deep south of the United States, Ben’s musical style reflects these experiences. His guitar playing is an intoxicating blend, from the raw delta blues of Robert Johnson to the powerful soundscapes of Jimmy Page. This combined with a soulful voice and commanding stage presence completes the picture of a very unique artist.

CONSTANCE REDGRAVE - Born in Los Angeles of Native American roots, Constance naturally transferred her genetic tribal rhythms into the simple, rock solid bass lines that are her trademark and her ability as a compelling vocalist and percussionist perfectly complements this talent.

MAURICE MCELROY - Born in Belfast, he came to London during the 60's blues and soul boom. Add his passion for the colour and texture of Flamenco and African instruments and you have a very individual percussive style.

ROGER NUNN - We are very pleased to be adding Roger Nunn on percussion and vocals. Roger has played with The Fran McGillivray Band, The Whiskey Poets and Anna Howie and brings his contagious rhythms and energy to the band.

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