February 2017

As this is our 5th Birthday celebration, we decided that it would be apt to invite along the artist that opened our very first gig all the way back in 2011, Flossie Malavialle. as she provided us with a fantastic memorable night.

So how did Phil get involved?
Well when chatting with Phil and telling him what our plans were for our birthday with Flossie, imagine my surprise when he said "Well I'll come to that as well if you like!"

So there we were, the possibility of something pretty unique, Phil and Flossie entertaining us, together, on the same night.

Actually they have toured together over the years, Flossie supported Show of Hands on a tour a few years ago and more recently Flossie was also involved in the Show of Hands tour of the Rhine by boat.

So what a great night this will be will be and especially so because Music in Ulpha was originally prompted after responding to an appeal from Phil Beer's website. He was asking for suitable smaller venues, especially northern ones, and after sending off an email we were delighted that he accepted an offer to play at the hall in May 2012. This promoted interest from other agents and artists, which has developed into regular concerts at two monthly intervals that we know now.

Ranagri Poster