9th December 2023

'Originally performed in 2006, a remarkable journey through the English Midwinter in music and song. The customs and traditions of England at Midwinter yield a breathtaking array of dazzling riches, and accordion maestro John Kirkpatrick takes the listener through tunes celebrating Midwinter dance, rhymes of hope and luck-bringing, songs in honor of food and seasonal merriment, and an original song all about the Nativity from the on-looking creatures' viewpoint. John Kirkpatrick: voice, button accordion, Anglo concertinas, and two-row melodeon

As a singer, dancer and instrumentalist, John Kirkpatrick has been one of the most prominent figures on the English Folk Scene for many years. He has performed and recorded extensively both as a soloist and as a member of duos, groups and bands, presenting a repertoire of music, songs and dances firmly rooted in traditional English practice. He is also regarded as a particularly fine exponent of the button accordion, the anglo concertina and the melodeon, and is frequently called upon as a mainstream session musician in fields of music quite outside the folk idiom.

On radio, he has hosted several programmes himself and been a frequent contributor to others, particularly in the specialist folk music slots, but also in the broader arts programmes such as Kaleidoscope, Night Waves and Reading Music.

Ranagri Poster