July 2014

Kevin, guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer is an icon of British Folk music and has played in some memorable line-ups such as Dave Swarbrick (not to mention, those giants of folk music, The Marvelettes, Percy Sledge, Alice Coltrane . . . and more). Kevin is renowned for delivering fresh and vibrant arrangements of traditional and contemporary tunes and his vocals bring both meaning and feeling to the lyrics.

Rosie enrolled at the Riley School of Irish Music in Cincinnati at age 8 and went on to study fiddle and has won national competitions for both fiddle and voice, which took her to Ireland for world competitions and led to further studies in singing. Rosie’s playing combines lyricism with dexterity and her voice is captivatingly beautiful.

Rosie and Kevin have played on various tours in Europe where they also headlined their own shows. Rosie and Kevin played two shows in , Austria before recording their second album, "Between the Distance" in the UK & USA in 2011. In the USA Rosie has accompanied and sung with many legendary UK folk names on stage such as Richard & Teddy Thompson.

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