September 2015

Left handed, balding, middle aged, songwriting folky from Scotland’s highest village. A singer of songs and a teller of tales from the hills of Dumfries & Galloway who happily fingerpicks his way through life’s  travails.  

Songs funny or sad, happy or grim, meaningful or meaningless played fast or slow (sometimes both at the same time)…….He likes a giggle.

Hailing from the village of Wanlockhead in Dumfries & Galloway Dave’s songwriting is firmly rooted in the tradition of the storyteller. Contemporary and historical sources offer a wealth of materials for songs that are performed in a style driven by his unique fingerpicking guitar playing.

Songs from his own extensive repertoire combine with his unique interpretation of traditional and contemporary material to deliver a performance (whether on a folk club, concert hall or festival stage) that displays all the attributes of the modern day troubadour

Oh - and he does like a giggle!

Ranagri Poster