December 2022

The group Churchfitters was founded in 1978
Rosie Short joined soon after its formation having previously been playing in a London-based traditional Irish outfit. During the years that followed, the group frequently changed its line-up making a point of always including members from diverse musical backgrounds in order to maintain a fresh and original approach to folk music.

In 1993 the duo decided to move to Brittany and was joined by Rosie's brother Chris who had been in London playing in World, Irish and Bluegrass groups. From their base in Brittany they then toured as a trio throughout France and Europe until Anthony's departure in early 2004.

Boris Lebret joined in 2004 with his astonishing array of home made scrap-metal instruments unique in the world.

The group continues to explore new ways of playing, arranging and presenting their folk music today, both as a trio (Rosie, Chris and Boris) and as a quartet along with their latest member, drummer Margaux Scherer who joined in 2013. This excellent young French drummer and percussionist is a permanent fixture on all their French and Continental tours and also accompanies them in the UK for festival dates.

And the unique and unmistakable sound of the Churchfitters continues.

Ranagri Poster