July 2019

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cera Impala is a banjo-, ukulele-, and  guitar- wielding mama who oozes wild style. Her voice is unique yet timeless, with writing style just as magical.  She creates songs that feel instantly familiar.

Cera performs with her hand-picked band, The New Prohibition, featuring the talents of Joel "Jello" Sanderson on double bass and "Dr." Dirk Ronneburg on fiddle.  A slice of hillbilly noir and a measure of gritty 20's and 30's jazz, they have one foot in the past and the other in the future of folk, jazz and americana.  Dr. Dirk, her husband and long-time musical partner, is a fiddle-blazer of the highest degree. The blues are deep in his heart and shine through in every note he plays.  The synergy between them is palpable; she insists she met Dirk in a dream before meeting him in real life. It's more than plausible --their music is in indeed otherworldly.

Born in Flagstaff, Arizona she has made many places her home since '94 when she left – from Portland, Oregon, to New York City, to all over California, Olympia, Washington - which explains the eclectic mix of musical styles in her songwriting.  

Cera can also be found performing and recording with indie-rock band Dark Green Tree and singing with the queens of harmony and sass, The Bevvy Sisters.

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