May 2014

According to the BBC, Blackheart are “Taking the acoustic scene by storm.” Radio 2’s Aled Jones pronounced them “A great band.” Good Morning TV described their music as “Beautiful”. Italy’s Radio Gold called it “Inspired music.” and American Public TV proclaimed “Blackheart don’t sound like anyone else, rather they remind us why music lifts us up.”

In just four years, pioneering British arthouse folk duo Blackheart have achieved much - playing over 400 gigs here in the UK and Ireland, plus two successful headlining tours of Australia and New Zealand.

Their rise began when the track ‘Unlike Water’ was used for the Moben Kitchens TV commercial and they then went on to have Radio 2 Spotlight Song of the Day twice, followed by a No.9 position on the US Tower folk chart.

Their music and sound defy categorisation - combining the lemon and honey voice of Chrissy Mostyn with spellbinding acoustic instrumentation creating a unique blend of intelligent acoustic rock. Their highly personal songs are laced with piercingly sharp observations, beautifully crafted lyrics and powerfully driven melodies which prompted Australia’s Western Star to comment that they “take their audience from uplifting to heartbreaking in a single song”

Ranagri Poster